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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures offers undergraduate major programs in Chinese and Japanese languages and literatures. Each program enables students to achieve proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking the language and to acquire a fundamental knowledge of the literature of the country. The Department also offers undergraduate minors in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Preparation: Students considering a major in Chinese or Japanese should decide their major at the earliest possible stage so that they can satisfy the requirements in the standard four years of undergraduate study. Background in languages, literature, or history at the high school or community college level constitutes good preparation for the student majoring in Chinese or Japanese.

Careers: A major in Chinese or Japanese prepares a student for graduate study in the humanities, social sciences, and professional schools and also for careers in business, teaching, law, journalism, and government agencies. Career options for people with knowledge of Chinese, Japanese and Korean are steadily increasing.