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Minor in Korean

University of Oregon undergraduate students must complete an academic major to graduate; they may also complete additional majors, minors, or both. The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures offers a minor in Korean to undergraduate students.

The Korean minor requires a minimum of 6 upper-division courses (a minimum of 24 graded credits), which must consist of at least 3 language courses, 2 courses in literature, linguistics, and or culture, and a sixth course that has any of KRN or EALL subject code. At least three of the six courses must be taken in residence on the University of Oregon campus from the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

  • Language – a minimum of 3 language courses at 3rd year or higher
    • KRN301 Third-year Korean
    • KRN302 Third-year Korean
    • KRN303 Third-year Korean
    • KRN411 Fourth-year Korean
    • KRN412 Fourth-year Korean
    • KRN413 Fourth-year Korean
  • Culture/Literature/Film/Linguistics – minimum of 2 courses from the following
    • KRN309 Language and Cultural Formation in Korea
    • KRN315 Introduction to Korean Linguistics
    • KRN360 Contemporary Korean Cinema
    • KRN361 Korean Popular Culture and Transnationalism

Upper-division language courses must be taken at the University of Oregon. All courses must be passed with a C- or better grade.