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The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Oregon

Welcome to the homepage of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Oregon. We hope you will enjoy your visit, and we certainly invite further inquiries.

As is summarized here and explained on the pages that follow, through its many programs the department offers bachelor’s degrees in Chinese and Japanese and minors in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The department also offers master’s and doctoral degrees in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean studies; and masters and doctoral degrees in East Asian Linguistics and pedagogy.

Currently, the department has over 100 undergraduate majors a year, and these students have the option of language-intensive, culture-intensive, or linguistics-intensive majors in Chinese or Japanese. Language-intensive majors take four years of modern language, literary language, and essential literature courses, while culture-intensive and linguistics-intensive majors take three years of modern language and a wider range of literature, culture and/or linguistics courses. Students wishing to study Korean may pursue the Korean minor within the department, and/or pursue an Asian Studies major with a focus on Korea (please contact the Korean faculty for further details).

Our graduate programs in total average 35-40 students a year. Students can work in the premodern or modern literatures, or both. A high percentage of our students earn Graduate Teaching Fellowships. Students in related fields, e.g., Asian Studies, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, etc., take our courses and in a few cases also contribute as Graduate Teaching Fellows.

In addition to the range of programs offered during the academic year on campus, we present intensive summer language programs each year, and many of our students attend the state-sponsored language programs in Tokyo and Beijing. Thus there are a variety of programs and approaches to the study of languages and literatures of China, Japan and Korea at the University of Oregon.

Again, welcome to the department.