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Department Contacts

East Asian Languages and Literatures Office

308 Friendly Hall
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
(541) 346-4041
FAX (541) 346-0260

Graduate and Undergraduate Coordinator

Leah Foy 6-4158 308 Friendly Hall

Office Manager

Lisa Gillis 6-4005 308 Friendly Hall

Department Head

Rachel DiNitto 6-4012 301 Friendly Hall

Chinese Sector Representative

Yugen Wang 304 Friendly Hall

Japanese Sector Representative

Kaori Idemaru 302 Friendly Hall

Korean Sector Representative

Kaori Idemaru 302 Friendly Hall

Linguistics Sector Representative

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt 6-4023 318 Friendly Hall

Director of Graduate Studies

Alison Groppe 317 Friendly Hall

Japanese Literature, Culture, and Linguistics Undergraduate Advisor

Kaori Idemaru 6-4007 302 Friendly Hall

Chinese Literature and Culture Undergraduate Advisor

Luke Habberstad 6-4006 401 Friendly Hall

Japanese Language Program Coordinators

Rika Ikei 408 Friendly Hall
Yoko O’Brien 6-3050 313 Friendly Hall

Chinese Language & Advising Coordinator

Jean Yuanpeng Wu 6-4098 402 Friendly Hall

Korean Language & Advising Coordinator

Eun Young Lee 6-6704 311 Friendly Hall