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Department Contacts

East Asian Languages and Literatures Office

308 Friendly Hall
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
(541) 346-4041
FAX (541) 346-0260

Graduate and Undergraduate Coordinator

Leah Foy 6-4158 308 Friendly Hall

Office Manager

Lisa Gillis 6-4005 308 Friendly Hall

Department Head

Rachel DiNitto 6-4012 301 Friendly Hall

Director of Chinese Graduate Studies and Sector Representative

Alison Groppe 6-7015 317 Friendly Hall

Director of Japanese Graduate Studies and Sector Representative

Kaori Idemaru 6-4007 302 Friendly Hall

Japanese Literature, Culture, and Linguistics  Undergraduate Advisor

Alisa Freedman 6-4017 404 Friendly Hall

Chinese Literature and Culture Undergraduate Advisor

Roy Chan 6-4206 426 Friendly Hall

Chinese Linguistics Graduate Advisor and Sector Representative

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt 6-4023 318 Friendly Hall

Japanese Language Program Coordinators

Naoko Nakadate 6-0047 410 Friendly Hall
Yoko O’Brien 6-3050 313 Friendly Hall

Chinese Language & Advising Coordinator

Jean Yuanpeng Wu 6-4098 402 Friendly Hall

Director of Korean Graduate Studies and Sector Representative

Lucien Brown 6-4103 425 Friendly Hall

Korean Language & Advising Coordinator

Eun Young Lee 6-6704 311 Friendly Hall