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Minor in Chinese

University of Oregon undergraduate students must complete an academic major to graduate; they may also complete additional majors, minors, or both.The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures offers a minor in Chinese to undergraduate students.

The Chinese minor (check list) requires a minimum of six courses, comprised of at least three language courses and two content courses. Students may choose their sixth course from either category.

  • Language – a minimum of 3 language courses at 3rd year or higher from the following
    • CHN301 third year Chinese
    • CHN302 third year Chinese
    • CHN303 third year Chinese
    • CHN411 fourth year Chinese
    • CHN412 fourth year Chinese
    • CHN413 fourth year Chinese
  • Culture/Literature/Film/Linguistics – a minimum of 2 courses from the following
    • CHN305 History of Chinese Literature
    • CHN306 History of Chinese Literature
    • CHN307 History of Chinese Literature
    • CHN308 Literature of Modern Taiwan
    • CHN480 Chinese Linguistics

Upper-division language courses must be taken at the University of Oregon or through an Oregon State System of Higher Education program in China. Lower-division courses must be passed with grades of P or C- or better; upper-division courses must be passed with grades of C- or better.