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Undergraduate Advising

The Tykeson College and Career Advising in Willie and Donald Tykeson Hall is UO’s new advising center, located on 13th Avenue, between Johnson and Chapman Halls. At Tykeson Hall, you can work with professional College and Career Advisors who can help you explore your interests, schedule your classes, plan for graduation, discuss career interests, and more.

You can schedule appointments with our Tykeson College and Career Advising team via the EAB Navigate app available in the App Store or Google Play. Please visit the Office of Academic Advising’s website for information about appointments and hours of operation.

EALL Advisors


Culture- Intensive Majors – Luke Habberstad
Language-Intensive Majors – Jean Wu
Linguistics-intensive Major – Jean Wu
Minors – Jean Wu


Culture-Intensive Majors & Linguistic-Intensive Majors – Kaori Idemaru
Language-Intensive Majors & Minors – Yoko O’Brien, Rika IkeiNaoko NakadateReiko Hashimoto, or Yukari Furikado


Minors – Jina Kim