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Graduate Employee Fellowships

A number of Graduate Employee Fellowships  (GEs) are available each year for new graduate students in the department. Students must apply to the department by January 1 for admission and appointment the following fall term. Applicants should download, complete, and submit the GE application to the EALL office, 1248 U of O, Eugene, OR 97404-1248 or email it as an attachment to During each term of the appointment, graduate teaching fellows must register for and complete at least 9 credits of course work that can be applied to the degree program.

First year GEs must attend an orientation and training workshop during the week prior to the beginning of fall term.

Students admitted with an EALL Graduate Employee fellowship the first year may apply for renewal of their GE support in subsequent years.

Although there is no guarantee of funding, GE support is generally renewed for those making satisfactory progress. MA students are typically supported for two years of their study and PhD students are supported for five years. After the normal period of support, students may lose priority in the department’s considerations of funding. The academic quarters in which a student is supported completely by outside funding are not regarded as part of his/her EALL-supported period.

EALL graduate students receiving funding from EALL are expected to focus on making timely progress toward their academic degree and should enroll in at least nine credits of graduate course work directly related to their degree objectives in EALL each term. Only in highly unusual cases will the department approve the pursuit of concurrent degrees (graduate or undergraduate); in such cases, formal approval must be obtained from both departments. Each student’s adviser reviews quarterly all courses signed up for by the student.

Students who enroll in unapproved courses that do not contribute to their academic training in EALL risk losing priority for GE funding.

Criteria for GE Awards and Assignments

Appointments and Reappointments: Graduate students seeking appointment are required to:

  • Non-native speaking GE applicants must submit an audio recording with the application (applicants may read a story or essay in Chinese or Japanese on any subject) Newly appointed international students whose native language is not English are required to take the Test of Spoken English (TSE, available at TOEFL testing sites) or the SPEAK Test through the University of Oregon’s American English Institute in order to determine an appropriate assignment. Scores below 50 will require that the GE take an additional supporting course or courses in English language proficiency at no additional cost.Application materials listed above must be received by January 1 for the following academic year. A faculty committee will discuss qualifications and determine assignments when appointing new GEs. GEs seeking reappointment will compete with new applicants for the position. Because teaching experience is one criterion for reappointment, a GE who has demonstrated satisfactory performance in the past can expect to score highly on that ranking. GEs are periodically given student evaluations.Ranking of Applicants:Applicants whose field of study is Chinese, Japanese, or Korean literature, language education, or linguistics will be given priority.
    Other criteria include:
    1. Fluency in standard Chinese or Japanese.
    2. Teaching experience.
    3. Ranking within major department.

    General Duties and Responsibilities

    Article 6, Work Assignment/Work Agreement in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the University and the GTFF details the General Duties and Responsibilities Statement (GDRS) that each hiring unit must prepare describing the conditions under which GE appointments and reappointments are made, evaluates are performed, etc. The GDRS is not a job description. Here is a link to the EALL GDRS,