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Graduate Student Professional Activities & Accomplishments

Xinjia Peng, a PhD student in Chinese Linguistics, has been selected as a recipient of a College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Research Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year. This is a highly competitive award honoring the best and most promising graduate students.
Congratulations, Xinjia!


Peng,Chen, Jing-Schmidt

Xinjia Peng co-presented with Prof. Jing-Schmidt and EALL alumna Jing-Yun Chen (Johns Hopkins) on “Construction Grammar and its application in Chinese grammar pedagogy” at ACTFL 2015, Nov 19-22, San Diego.


John Moore and Lee Moore have received FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) scholarships for summer 2015. John to study Japanese in Yokohama, Japan and Lee to study Chinese in Taiwan.

Minneapolis - Hara, Yoshi Minneapolis - Ren, Chaoyi

Yoshiyuki Hara and Chaoyi Ren will present at the symposium “The role of linguistics in language teacher education: Research and Teacher Perspectives” organized by Prof. Jing-Schmidt at CARLA ILTE (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition) Conference, May 14-17 in Minnesota.

Xinjia Peng will present a paper “Chinese Learner’s Challenge with Information Structure” at IFOLICE-1 (International Forum on Linguistics in Chinese Education) , May 8-10, UC Davis.

Chaoyi Ren presented with Prof. Jing-Schmidt a research panel “From Learner Corpus Analysis to Usage-based constructionist language teaching: at NCLC 2015 (National Chinese Language Conference), April 17-19, Atlanta.

Xinjia Peng presented a paper entitled “Re-evaluating the concept of ‘Topic’ in Chinese” at NACCL-27 (North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics), April 3-5 at UCLA

Xinjia Peng presented a paper “Communicative Activities for Practicing Chinese Grammar” at the CLTAC (Chinese Language Teachers Association of California) Spring Conference, February 28th at Stanford University

Lee Moore presented “A Kashgar without Kashgaris” at the Harvard East Asia Society conference, February 21-22

EALL Graduate students presented at the 2nd International Conference on the American Pragmatics Association (AMPRAA, October 17-19, 20147) with Professor Jing-Schmidt as organizer of a panel on “The Pragmatics of Metaphor”:

  • Christopher Elford: “And never the twain shall meet: East and West as conceptual metaphors in the study of Chinese literature.
  • Clay Y. Chou: “Metaphors about the Sunflower Movement in Taiwanese media.”
  • Xinjia Peng & Zhuo Jing Schmidt: “Anti-Graft metaphors in Chinese political discourse.:
  • Zhuo Jing-Schmidt: “Metaphor in sociopolitical narratives: Creation and Entrenchment.”

Thanks to CAPS for providing Small Grant funding to all three graduate students and to Prof. Jing-Schmidt in support of their conference travels.

Former EALL graduate working at John Hopkins University Jing-yun Chen and current EALL graduate student Xinjia Peng presented at the 2014 ACTFL Convention (Nov. 20-23) in San Antonio, on panel “Prototype, corpus data and stratified grammar instruction in Chinese: organized by Prof. Jing-Schmidt.