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Jun Lang

Jun Lang profile picture
  • Affiliation: gtf
  • Title: PhD Candidate
  • Phone: 541-346-4090
  • Office: 27 Friendly Hall
  • Office Hours: 11am-12pm Mondays
  • Teaching Level: Undergraduate
  • Affiliated Departments: East Asian Languages
  • Interests: Chinese Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics


Jun Lang is a Ph.D. student specializing in Chinese Linguistics. Her research interests include semantics, pragmatics, second language acquisition, and sociolinguistics. Her recent work explores how Chinese online neologisms reflect social reality. She also teaches Chinese language classes at the University of Oregon. 


Lang, J. (2019). What impacts L2 Chinese pragmatic competence in the study abroad context? Current research and future directions. Chinese as a Second Language, 54(3), 191-220.

Lang, J. (2018). “I am not criticizing you”: A constructionist analysis of an indirect speech act. Chinese Language and Discourse,9(2), 184-208.

Lang, J. (2013). Differentiation and teaching L2 Chinese adverbs of degree hěn, shífēn, and fēicháng. In S. Li, & J. Zhou (Eds.), Studies in Chinese International Education Theory. (pp.162-174). Beijing: Science Press.