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Korean Courses

Placement examinations (written test and interview) are required for new students who have exposure to Korean. Please contact Eun Young Lee ( if you are interested in taking the placement test. Native speakers of Korean or students whose competence in the language already exceeds the scope of the material may not enroll in Korean-language courses.

  • 101, 102, 103 First-Year Korean (5 credits each) Provides thorough grounding in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Korean. Special stress on aural-oral skills. For beginners or by placement.
  • 151 Introduction to Korean Cinema (4 credits) Surveys Korean national cinema, from the earliest days of the medium to the present.
  • 201, 202, 203 Second-Year Korean (5 credits each) Continuation of KRN 101, 102, 103. Additional training in oral-aural skills designed to build listening comprehension and fluency. Development of basic proficiency in reading and writing Korean.
  • 301, 302, 303 Third-Year Korean (5 credits each) Provides a solid foundation in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Prepares students for advanced study. Prereq: two years of Korean or equivalent.
  • 309 Languages and Cultural Formation in Korea (4 credits) [Graded only for majors] This course examines the roles that languages and literacies played in the formation of Korean culture from a socio-historical linguistic perspective.
  • 315 Introduction to Korean Linguistics (4 credits) Provides survey of the structure and social projection on the Korean language
  • 360 Contemporary Korean Cinema (4 credits) explores changes in film culture, practice, and industry in relation to social changes since the early 1990s.
  • 361 Korean Popular Culture & Transnationalism (4 credits) examines contemporary South Korean popular culture in a global frame as well as key issues in cultural transnationalization
  • 411/511, 412/512, 413/513 Fourth-Year Korean (4 credits each) Development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills related to concrete and abstract topics. Emphasis on sociolinguistic skills. Prereq: three years of Korean or instructor’s consent.
  • 399 Special Studies:[Topic] (1-5 credits)
  • 410/510 Experimental Course: [Topic] (1-5 credits)