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Faculty and Staff Office Hours

Spring 2020

Name Email Office hours 
Chan, Roy T 2-4pm on Zoom – email for appt.
Chen, Weijun MW 3:30-5pm, Zoom Meeting 293-812-290
DiNitto, Rachel R 1-3pm, please email for an appointment
Epstein, Maram Email for an appointment, please include your UO ID in the email.
Freedman, Alisa T 11-1 by e-mail for contact information
Fukasaku, Miku MR 2-3, email for Zoom URL
Furikado, Yukari By email M 5:30-6:30pm & T 3:30-4:30
Gigliotti, Denise

MWF 10:30-10:55 Zoom 334-760-820

MWF 3:00-3:30 327-844-106

Groppe, Alison  WR 10-11am via Zoom, email for an appointment
Habberstad, Luke by appointment only
Hashimoto, Reiko MW 2-3:30 on Zoom, please email for the Zoom URL
Idemaru, Kaori M 1-2pm, TR 5:30-6 via Zoom email for an appointment
Ikei, Rika
MWF 1-2 on Zoom
Jing-Schmidt, Zhuo MR 12-1pm via Zoomoffice meetings: email; or by phone 610-389-8988
Kim, Jina MR 12-1pm via Zoomoffice meetings: email; or by phone 610-389-8988
Kim, Woojoo MW 11-12 using Canvas conference chatting room
Lai, Huang-Wen email for an appointment
Lee, Eun Young MW 3-4 Canvas chat function
Mao, Fengjun By appointment only please email for an appointment
Moore, Lee email for a Zoom invitation T 10-12
Nakadate, Naoko

MW 9-9:45 via Zoom -,

TR 5-5:45 via Zoom, or by appointment

O’Brien, Yoko email for an appointment on Zoom 268-734-503
Walley, Glynne By appointment only
Wang, Yugen R 3:30-5:30 – Zoom Meeting ID: 295-757-087
Wu, Jean WF 2-3 connect via email

Or by appointment