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Campus Visit and Workshop On Japanese Linguistics

On November 20 and 21, Dr. Nobuaki Minematsu, Professor of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, came to UO to discuss his research on the nature of intelligible speech and sources of unintelligibility in speech. Dr. Minematsu gave two talks, one for students of Japanese and the other for instructors of Japanese. In his talks, Dr. Minematsu discussed the pitch accent system in Japanese from the perspective of speech engineering and introduced the audience to the Online Japanese Accent Dictionary (OJAD), which he developed for learners of Japanese. Workshop attendees included instructors of Japanese from UO, OSU, and Chemeketa Community College. 10 other people, including eight from Oregon, one from Hawaii, and one from Japan, participated virtually in the workshop via the Internet. Online streaming of the event was made possible with help from Jeff Magoto at the Yamada Language Center. Thanks to everybody for a successful workshop!