Bachelor of Arts Program Requirements: Chinese Literature

There are two options for students interested in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese: the culture-intensive program and the language intensive program. Options within majors are ways of focusing academic interests, but they do not appear on grade transcripts. Other terms used for options include areas of concentration, emphasis, focus, or specialization; preparatory programs; primary and secondary areas or subjects; fields or subfields; programs of emphasis or study; and tracks.

Prospective majors must meet with an East Asian Languages and Literatures faculty adviser when declaring the major as well as each spring to obtain the adviser's signature before fall term registration, and two terms before graduation. Any course for which a grade lower than C- is received does not count toward the major.

B.A. Degree in Chinese – Culture Intensive Option
47 graded credits are required in courses beyond the second-year level, including:

  • Third-year Chinese (CHN301, 302, 303)
  • Four courses from the 150, 151, 152 series, the 305, 306, 307 series or 308 – two of which must be at the upper division level
  • Four upper-division courses in Chinese language, culture, literature, linguistics, history, art, economics, or other approved areas taken from EALL or other departments, two of which must be EALL courses. Courses in other departments must be approved by an advisor

B.A. Degree in Chinese – Language-Intensive Option
47 graded credits are required in courses beyond the second-year level of Chinese including:

  • Third-Year Chinese (CHN 301, 302, 303)
  • Introduction to Chinese Literature/Linguistics – three courses from CHN 305, 306, 307, 308, 480
  • Literary Chinese (CHN 436, 437)
  • Three courses chosen from Fourth-Year Chinese (CHN 411, 412, 413), Intermediate Language Strategies (CHN 420, 421, 422), Advanced Chinese (CHN 431, 432, 433), Literary Chinese Texts (CHN 438), and Advanced Language Strategies (CHN 445).