EALL Faculty

Lucien Brown - Assistant Professor
Korean Linguistics
B.A., 1997, University of East Anglia
M.A., 2004 School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
Ph.D., 2008, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Universtiy of London

Roy Bing Chan – Assistant Professor
Chinese Literature
B.A., 2002, University of Washington
Ph.D., 2009, University of California, Berkeley

Maram Epstein – Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies in Chinese
Ming-Qing vernacular fiction
B.A., 1983, Princeton
M.A., 1987, Princeton
Ph.D., 1992, Princeton 

Alisa D. Freedman - Associate Professor
Japanese Literature and Film
B.A., Wesleyan
M.A., Chicago
Ph.D., Chicago

Alison M. Groppe – Assistant Professor
Chinese Culture and Literature
B.A., 1989, Wellesley
M.A., 1995, Harvard
Ph.D., 2006, Harvard

Kaori Idemaru – Assistant Professor
Japanese Language and Linguistics
Academic Director of Japanese Global Scholars
B.A., 1990, Osaka University of Foreign Studies
M.A., 1992, Northern Iowa
Ph.D., 2005, Oregon

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt – Associate Professor
Co-Director of Chinese Flagship
Chinese Linguistics
B.A., 1992, Peking University
M.A., 1995, Peking University
M.A., 1997, Californa (Los Angeles)
Ph.D., 2005, University of Cologne

Dong Hoon Kim – Assistant Professor
Korean Film, Literature and Cultural Studies
B.A., 1998, Yonsei University
M.A., 2002, University of Southern California
Ph.D., 2008, University of Southern California

Wendy Larson – Professor
Modern Chinese language and literature
On sabbatical AY 2012-2013
B.A., 1974, Oregon
M.A., 1978, California, Berkeley
Ph.D., 1984, California, Berkeley

Daisuke Miyao – Associate Professor
Japanese film
Department Head
B.A., 1993, University of Tokyo
M.A., 1997, NYU
Ph.D., 2003, NYU

Glynne Walley – Assistant Professor
Early Modern Japanese Literature
B.A., 1996, Brigham Young
M.A., 2001, Washington
Ph.D., 2009, Harvard

Yugen Wang – Associate Professor
Chinese literature
B.A., 1992, Anhui Normal University
M.A., 1995, Peking University
Ph.D., 2005, Harvard

Jason Webb – Assistant Professor
Pre-modern and Modern Japanese literature
B.A., 1991, New College, Sarasota, FL
M.A., 2000, Princeton University
Ph.D., 2005, Princeton University