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Brown, Lucien


Lucien Brown

Assistant Professor, Korean Linguistics
Ph.D., 2008, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
Office: 425 Friendly Hall
Phone: 541-346-4103

Research Interests:
Focusing on the Korean language, my research spans two main fields: second language acquisition and socio-pragmatics. This means that I am interested in the way that the Korean language is used according to social context or to express social meanings and how second language learners acquire these “social” aspects of language use. To this end, I am particularly interested in exploring linguistic resources that are connected to a “conversational style” or a way of representing events that is on some level specific to the Korean context. My previous research has often focused on honorifics and politeness, although I also look at areas such as address terms, modality, and mimetic forms. A central question in my research is: To what extent do second language learners of Korean acquire these culture-specific aspects of language during prolonged exposure to the language (such as while studying or living in Korea)?

It is important for me that the study of second language acquisition has practical pedagogical applications. To this end, I have a keen interest in Korean language pedagogy, including the development of curricula and reference materials.

I teach Korean linguistics and East Asian linguistics courses, including courses on socio-pragmatics, second language acquisition and language pedagogy. The fields of linguistics that I teach tend to rely heavily on empirical research. Therefore, it is important for me that my courses provide some degree of training and practical experience in data collection and analysis.

Courses I Teach:
EALL209 Languages and Societies of East Asia
KRN315 Introduction to Korean Linguistics
EALL410/510 Japanese and Korean Syntax
EALL442/542 Second Language Acquisition of Chinese, Japanese and Korean
EALL443/543 Chinese, Japanese and Korean Pedagogy
EALL486/586 East Asian Socio-pragmatics

Selected publications:

Brown, L. (2011). Korean Honorifics and Politeness in Second Language Learning. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Yeon, J and Brown, L. (2011). Korean: A Comprehensive Grammar. London/New York: Routledge.

Journal Articles:

Brown, L. (2013). “Mind your own esteemed business”: Sarcastic Honorifics Use and Impoliteness in Korean TV Dramas. Journal of Politeness Research 9(2): 159-186.

Brown, L. (2013). Teaching ‘Casual’ and/or ‘Impolite’ Language through Multimedia: The Case of Non-Honorific Panmal Speech Styles in Korean. Language, Culture and Curriculum 26(1): 1-18.

Brown, L. (2012). The Use of Visual/Verbal and Physical Mnemonics in the Teaching of Korean Hangul in an Authentic L2 Classroom Context. Writing Systems Research, 4(1), 72-90.

Brown, L. (2010). Politeness and Second Language Learning: The Case of Korean Speech Styles. Journal of Politeness Research, 6(2), 243-270.

Brown, L. (2010). Questions of Appropriateness and Authenticity in the Representation of Korean Honorifics in Textbooks for Second Language Learners. Language, Culture and Curriculum, 23(1), 35-50.

Brown, L and Yeon, J. (2010). Experimental Research into the Phases of Acquisition of Korean Tense-Aspect: Focusing on the Progressive Marker “-ko issta”. Journal of Korean Language Education 21(1), 151-174. [paper in Korean]

Book chapters:

Brown, L. (2013). Identity and Honorifics Use in Korean Study Abroad. In Kinginger, C. (ed.), Social and Cultural Aspects of Language Learning in Study Abroad, 269-298. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Iwasaki, N, Brown, L., Kita, S. and Vinson, D. (2012). Japanese and Korean Speakers’ Production of Mimetic Words. In Frellesvig, B. and Sells (eds.), P, Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 20. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Brown, L. (2011). Korean Honorifics and ‘Revealed’, ‘Ignored’ and ‘Suppressed’ Aspects of Korean Culture and Politeness. In Bargiela-Chiappini, F. and Kádár, D. (eds.), Politeness across Cultures, 106-127. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Brown, L. (2011). Pragmatics and Korean language education. In Yeon, J., Current Issues in Korean Language Education in Europe, 135-155. Seoul: Pagijong. [Paper in Korean]

Brown, L. (2010). Use of Referent Honorific Lexical Substitutions by Korean University Students. In Yeon, J. & Kaier, J. (eds), Selected Papers from the 2nd European Conference on Korean Linguistics, 27-44. Munich: Lincom Europa.