Faculty and Staff

Susan Anderson – Professor – Department Head
Michael Arnold – Adjunct Instructor
Lucien Brown
- Assistant Professor
Roy Bing Chan - Assistant Professor
Weijun Chen - Instructor of Chinese
Zhaohui Chen – Adjunct Instructor

Maram EpsteinAssociate Professor
Carl Falsgraf – Adjunct Instructor
Leah Foy – Departmental Secretary

Alisa D. FreedmanAssociate Professor
Yukari FurikadoInstructor of Japanese
Denise H Gigliotti – Senior Instructor of Chinese
Lisa Gillis – Office Manager

Alison Groppe – Assistant Professor
Luke Habberstad – Assistant Professor
LaRon Harrison – Adjunct Instructor
Reiko HashimotoSenior Instructor of Japanese
Kaori IdemaruAssociate Professor
Rika Ikei – Senior Instructor of Japanese
Zhuo Jing-SchmidtAssociate Professor
Dong Hoon Kim – Assistant Professor
Eun Young Lee – Instructor of Korean
Fengjun Mao – Instructor of Chinese
Naoko NakadateSenior Instructor of Japanese
Bomi Oh – Senior Instructor of Korean
Yoko O'Brien – Senior Instructor of Japanese
Yasumasa Shigenaga – Instructor of Japanese
Glynne Walley – Assistant Professor
Yugen WangAssociate Professor
Jean Yuanpeng WuSenior Instructor of Chinese
Monica Zikpi – Visiting Assistant Professor